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Allow Cannabis users to grow upto 5 plants without fear of prosecution.

I think we would all agree that the current UK policy on Cannabis is ludicrous to say the least, we could go on and on about the health benefits of Cannabis out weighing any "anti-social" or "criminal" behaviour it would ever cause. But we are not here to force a debate on the legalization benefits such as lower medical bills, better healthier treatments for glucomare, cancer, arthritis..., taxation, jobs etc etc (just saying!)

We are here to ask for the law to allow us users the ability to grow up to FIVE plants for personal use across the UK (Durham have already done this, as well as almost ALL of the USA with states by-passing the DEA to allow users access to the herb! Check it out here) this will save us having to "Break the Law" by visiting the local dealers risking arrest for buying something that is now legal in the first country to ban it! Ludicrous for sure, but we are here to help bring a small bit of change to the current law.

By helping us you are helping YOURSELF to basically free weed, of course we are not asking to be able to take and use cutttings or sell them or even use them for ourselves as we understand this is classed as "cultivation" and illegal.
Just the simple right to sow FIVE seeds and consume the proceeds personally without fear of prosecution!
Whether thats for Medicinal or Recreational use as long as its for our own use we should not fear prosecution.

Click the link below to sign the petition:


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