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Flying Dutchmen

From their iconic Amsterdam store, The Flying Dutchmen (TFD) is one group of breeders that has developed a strong cult following which makes it one of the most loved andrespected brands by the global cannabis seed collecting community. By keeping their quality standards impeccably high, whilst keeping their prices well within the budget of most collectors, TFD has been able to stay at the forefront of the weed seed scene, leaving their genius breeders free to develop ever more innovative strains over the years...

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is a company based in Amsterdam which has been in operation since 1987. They are now world renowned for their exquisite strains, their quality merchandise, and their phenomenal customer care. They are also famous for introducing a revolutionary method of genetic modification: the feminised seed. They stay completely up to date and on trend with the current customer requirements and the newest strains available which they find all over the world.

Dinafem Cannabis Seeds Store


Dinafem is a company which is dedicated to the customer experience. They have spent years and years perfecting their strains of seeds. From seed production to storage there is nothing that they have skimped on and everything is taken care of to make sure that everything is perfect for the customer. Dinafem deal mainly in feminized seeds but they also have an excellent selection of feminized auto flowering seeds.

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We are here to ask for the law to allow us users the ability to grow up to FIVE plants for personal use across the UK (Durham have already done this, as well as almost ALL of the USA with states by-passing the DEA to allow users access to the herb! Check it out here) this will save us having to "Break the Law" by visiting the local dealers risking arrest for buying something that is now legal in the first country to ban it! Ludicrous for sure, but we are here to help bring a small bit of change to the current law...


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